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Do you offer services to victims of commercial sexual exploitation? Are you looking for a powerful, life-changing curriculum that leads to growth and positive community? If you answered yes, come join over 1,200 ETG Facilitators across the nation who share this important, challenging and rewarding mission.

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Is ETG Supporter Training right for your group?

This advanced-level professional training is designed for anyone who has any contact with sex trafficking victims in any capacity and for those who have decision-making responsibilities regarding sex trafficking victims. Please visit the About ETG Supporter Training page to learn more.

#1 Human Trafficking Course

Reducing recidivism by
breaking bonds of
attachment to traffickers
and “The Game”

About the Supporter Training

What’s the ETG Supporter?

The ETG Supporter Training is for people who interact with survivors of commercial sexual exploitation in any capacity, from general staff to volunteers to family members of survivors.


8 Hours


Highly Interactive

Answers Tough Questions

Answers the tough question “Why Do Victims Keep Going Back?”


Teaches casual yet impactful strategies to help a victim along their journey to recovery

About Us

What is Ending The Game?

Ending The Game© (ETG) is the nation’s leading “coercion resiliency” curriculum in the field of human trafficking. This psychoeducational curriculum empowers survivors by providing a framework to understand and uproot harmful psychological coercion (a.k.a. “The Game”) that many victims have been subjected to during or before their exploitation experience. ETG Curriculum at a glance:

  • Survivor-written
  • Published and praised in peer-reviewed Journal of Women and Criminal Justice (March, 2021)
  • Evidence-driven
  • 10 core lessons
  • Robust online community
  • Trusted in over 250 facilities to help hundreds of survivors annually

I've been working with some kids in a group home and I think I've learned as much as they have. I appreciate the curriculum and all the insight it brings, and love to see the "aha" moments in their faces, as concepts become real to them.

Desiree Lepsey | ETG Facilitator

Founder of iSee You Initiative

Teaching our clients and watching them realize different concepts and grow is the highlight of my week.

Alexa Foster | ETG Facilitator

The Landing (Houston, TX)

I want to express my gratitude to all of you working with Ending The Game for such a powerful curriculum. I have so many snippets and moments in time that are prompted by the course materials, but as an example two girls in the group yesterday who have been fairly armored were able to cry for the first time about their experience and receive support and nurture from the group and the facilitators. It is an amazing, challenging and blessed work of healing that is underway and I thank you all for making this happen.

Private | ETG Facilitator


If I was required to complete this program by the courts when I was arrested, I don’t think I would have been trafficked for so many years — it’s quite an eye-opener.

Tiffany L. | ETG Facilitator

Sun-Rise Community Services (Las Vegas, NV)

The curriculum/our experience has been amazing! It has been by far the most effective and root-reaching curriculum we have used. I have been really impressed by the growth of the participants in a short period of time.

Rebecca Kotz | ETG Facilitator

Central MN Sexual Assault Center (St. Cloud, MN)

We have no idea the impact we make when we come as facilitators to listen, learn, and love each week. The course has changed my life.

Myra Miller | ETG Facilitator

Gems Uncovered (Long Beach, CA)

Ending The Game curriculum was utilized for our Free to Be Me (formerly known as the 180 Diversion Program). The curriculum was extremely well done and was well received by the participants. The detailed information provided by survivor input for the curriculum truly helped the participants understand how they got into the life. Particularly, understanding the psychological effects of coercion and red flags to be aware of in relationships. The homework was a great reinforcement of what they learned. The Facilitator Training provided with the curriculum was by far the best I’ve seen. I would highly recommend this to foster care homes, group homes, and shelters where HT victims are placed. This curriculum helps to begin the healing process.

Mary E. White | Program Director

Gems Uncovered (Long Beach, CA)

[ETG] is what really opened my eyes and broke chains for me! It put everything into perspective and just kept it real. Truly life changing.

Brittany Pearson | ETG Survivor Participant

Purchased (Shreveport, LA)

I’ve taken other trauma-healing type curriculum, and they are nothing compared to this. I especially loved the chapter on how our brains work to protect us. I’m so thrilled to be part of this…it’s emotional, yes, but so, so necessary. I had no idea.

Robbie Hamilton | ETG Survivor Participant

New Friends, New Life (Dallas, TX)

The curriculum is well thought out, blending the influences of psychological theory with down-to-earth real shared experiences, making it a vey powerful and capable tool in reaching even the most at risk girls.

Tamara Fleck-Myers, LMFT | Executive Director, Casa de Amparo

San Marcos, CA

The women are relating to the material and, to my surprise, are really being transparent and opening up. Thank you for the training and developing this program. I already see a change starting in some of them. It’s a precious gift to me.

Marguerite Hawes | ETG Facilitator, Gospel Center Rescue

Mission Stockton, CA

I am convinced that ETG is an essential part of healing for this population because of the impact I observed in both (community-based and residential) settings.

Karen Kutzner | ETG Facilitator, Worthwhile Wear

Silverdale, PA

Journey To Wellness (Ending The Game)

Equine Therapy + ETG!

"You have to dig deeper to love yourself." - ETG Participant @ Home on the Range, North Dakota. This video highlights how HOTR incorporates Equine Therapy into Ending The Game.

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Journey To Wellness (Ending The Game)

How do Human Trafficking Survivors Assess Recovery?

“Its not like recovery from drugs where if I stay clean I know I’m getting better. I don’t feel recovered from trafficking just because my body isn’t being trafficked. It’s still in my head a lot.” - A Survivor

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